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"Without Find The Right 1 
I would never have had the confidence to be in the amazing relationship I am in now."
"After my husband passed, I didn't think dating was even a possibility after everything I've gone through. You taught me that I am the right one and that changed my life."
- Betty

"This program literally changed my life."
"I'm in an incredible relationship now for the past six months because of the work I did in this program. It is so simple."
- Sean

"Joining this program was the best decision I ever made."
"At 73, I can't believe you taught me how to find a healthy person to be with. I am so happy in my relationship and we're planning a trip to Greece together! "
- Brenda-Lee

"This program allows you to see your potential of who you want to become and the exact steps to get you there. You then attract the right one for you. I'm in an awesome relationship because of the work I did in
Find The Right 1."
"I learned how to crush fears and gained the self empowerment to get into and keep a healthy relationship."

" I became a widow at 42 and I never thought I'd be in anything again. Now I'm in an amazing relationship but the best relationship I have is with myself. Sometimes I can't believe how much I've changed for the better."
"Once you join this program you are never alone again. The process, support and coaching have all made me who I am today."

"I can honestly tell you 82 is just a number. This program has made my whole life worthwhile. And I'm enjoying my new relationship as well."
"Thanks to you I now know why I made poor dating decisions, I have changed so much and get stronger all the time."

"The results I got because of your program are amazing. I'm in a new fun relationship. It's so easygoing because there's been a great change in me. I'm not worried anymore."
"You made me realize that I had to invest in myself and that has been the best thing about this. "

"I researched many online dating programs. Yours is night and day better. It is profoundly simple yet profoundly effective." 
"I don't hope I will find the right one, I know I will because of the tools and confidence I gained in this program"
Mary Joy

"I am in the best relationship I have ever been in because of this program. It has changed my entire life and I really appreciate everything."
"If you are serious about making changes, then this is the program to do. No question."

"Before taking your program I was heartbroken from the ending of a relationship. After taking your program, you gave me exact tools to use every step of the way to get into and keep a healthy relationship. It's so empowering." 
"If you think you're going to do it on your own, you're not. This is a life changing investment in yourself and it's totally worth it."

"I always knew I had to conquer my fears but no one taught me how. Now I'm getting married and it feels right."
"You opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and I'm grateful for that."

"I'm empowered to know who I am and what I really want and will not take anything less. That's why I'm in a healthy amazing relationship now."
"If you're on the fence about joining this program, get off the dang fence and join. I realized I have a voice in dating and relationships and I love it."

"I am living my truth and my entire life has changed. I was able to get into a great relationship and get married because of this program."
"Thank you Eli."

"We would not be engaged and happy today if we hadn't joined the Find The Right 1 Coaching program!"
"Follow every word and you will get the results you want. I promise you." 
- Mike and Yvette

"The only one I can change is me"
"I spent a fair amount of money on dating services, all fails. The difference with you is you don't promise to set me up, you break down where I went wrong and help me go right." 
- Matt

Here's What More Clients Are Saying...

"I’m so happy to have worked with Eli because now I'm in the healthiest relationship."  - Yvette 

"This coaching program is priceless. My entire love for myself has improved and I'm in an incredible relationship. Thank you!"  - 
Within a few weeks of completing the coaching program, I got into a new relationship and it's still going strong."  - Dave 
"When I was single and hopeless I was ready to give up on the whole "dating" scene. Fortunately I met with Eli and with his guidance I'm so happy where I am today, married with children! "- Elana 
" I'm in an awesome relationship because of the work I did in 
Find The Right 1." Thanks Eli."-

"I am living my truth and my entire life has changed. I was able to get into a great relationship and get married because of this program."
"Thank you Eli."-
"These 7 weeks of this program, have been the best weeks of my life. I'm so grateful from the bottom of my heart" -
" I learned how to  find, date and keep the right partner for me. My future with him is so bright and better than I could’ve ever imagined! I’m forever grateful for find the right 1! Thank you so much!" -
"In less than 2 weeks I learned how to choose, and date from a healthy perspective, oh yeah and dating is actually fun now!"-

"The results I got because of your program are amazing. I'm in a new fun relationship. It's so easygoing because there's been a great change in me."
"This program is exactly what I needed. In less than a week, I learned how to date and relate in a healthy way, crush my fears and enjoy life." -
"I am in the best relationship I have ever been in because of this program. It has changed my entire life and I really appreciate everything."-
Geof  -
 "This program is empowering me in so many ways... not gonna lie, Eli this is by far the best money I’ve ever spent. I'm in an amazing relationship and I can't believe how much I've changed for the better."-

“3 weeks into this program and all of my relationships are changing for the better. Your insights are fascinating it led me right to the relationship I'm in right now and it's wonderful. "-
 "Thank you for your coaching, it empowered me to feel free and much more in control of my love life." -
"Week One alone was worth the cost of the entire program because of the new found confidence I have in myself. I'm newly engaged to an incredible person and it's because of the work I did in this program. It's rock solid." -
"Your program has given me the tools to approach dating and relationships with a calmness and strength. Dating was so much more fun. I wound up in the best relationship ever. He's amazing. Thanks Eli!" -

"I'm in the healthiest relationship and it's been two months. Your program is Awesome Thank you!" - 

"Prior to joining this program I would adapt to try and be what I thought my dates wanted, you taught me to be myself. Dating is enjoyable now." -
"Hi Eli, You probably don’t realize the impact your program has had on my outlook. It made me decide to take charge of my happiness and stop letting my past control me. I love who I am and you helped remind me how amazing I was. I'm having so much fun in a healthy relationship now because of
Find The Right 1. Thanks."-
"You taught me the difference between wanting someone and needing someone. 7 months with the same incredible woman who I could not have found without this program."

"If you want to break unhealthy patterns you have in dating, then this course is perfect. It allows you to become the best person you can be and that's why I'm in a great relationship now."

"Find The Right 1 has taught me that true happiness comes from within. I love being in the relationship I'm in now. Thanks Coach!"

"You taught me to live in the moment for real, and make dating and relationship choices that please and honor my true self. I've been in the healthiest relationship for more than a year. Thanks Coach!"

"I truly thought I'd be single for the rest of my life. Thanks for helping me crush my fears and understand that I'm the Right 1. I'm engaged to an amazing man and it's all because of what I learned from this course. Thank you so much!!"

"I got more out of just 1 hour in your program, then any dating advice I ever received from anyone ever. You provide us with a completely new framework to actually enjoy dating and life itself . I know I tell you all the time, but thanks for everything!!"-
"In just 7 weeks I've learned how to crush fears and date and find healthy. I'm in a wonderful relationship now with someone who accepts me for all I am. I can't thank you enough for the amazing support and community you created!"-
"I looked into other programs, but yours was the first to focus on ME and making changes within. 6 months and still going strong with a great guy. I appreciate you and the program so much."

"I am so glad I took this course, you changed my life. You and the course resonated with me at a deep level. It allowed me to connect with an amazing person and we've been together a year now. Thanks Coach!"-
"I'm thrilled to be in this program because I have learned just how incredible the Right 1 is. Dating is so enjoyable and empowering now. Thank you my friend!"-

"Your program has helped me so much with my new relationship. Thank you for what you do!"-

"Eli, you're in my corner with the with the exact steps to find, date and maintain an awesome relationship. This is a great program."-

"Through your guidance and encouragement, I met a lovely man. He's kind, thoughtful and we have great times together. Thanks for helping me realize I am awesome and love being me."-

"Being an Olympian, I'm proficient in the sporting world but haven't been able to apply these principles to my personal life. It's hard to put into words, the difference that your program has made in my life for the better."-

"This program has helped me become much more comfortable with dating and choosing people to meet and spend time with. I'm now in an incredible relationship. Thank you!"-
"I have found the 1!" -
This could be YOU

Congratz to our Find The Right 1 Couple 
Mike &Yvette

Just Got Married - Find The Right 1 Couple Christian & Sam!

Debbie a few months after she completed 
Find The Right 1

I help singles get into and maintain healthy, fun, loving and easy going relationships with my proven coaching programs.

Are you single, been to therapy and saw no difference, been in relationships filled with tension and uncertainty? Are you looking to get into an incredible relationship? Are you looking to find the right one?

My name is Eli Schostak and for 29+ years, I have been researching, developing and updating a system which helps single individuals get the proper mind frame, and skills it takes to form and keep phenomenal "Love" relationships. The system has proven to be quite successful.

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